Skeleton Knight in Another World Anime 3rd Trailer Released, Additional Cast Announced

The additional cast and the third PV of the TV anime " Skeleton Knight in Another World " have been released.

"Skeleton Knight in Another World" is a different world fantasy whose main character is Ark, who was thrown into another world in the form of a game character. Due to the appearance of a skeleton in armor, Ark tries to spend time inconspicuously so as not to be subdued as a monster, but due to his personality that he cannot overlook evil things, he inadvertently carries out rehabilitation activities. Additional casts include Kengo Kawanishi as the first prince of the Kingdom of Roden, Sect, Daiki Hamano as the second prince of the Kingdom of Roden, Dacares , Saori Onishi as the second princess of the Kingdom of Roden, Juliana, and Ishida as the emperor of the Holy Leblanc Empire, Domitianus. Akira , Minoru Shiraishi has been decided to play the role of Setrion, the general who leads the royal army of the Kingdom of Roden .

In the third PV, the characters whose cast was announced this time also appeared. You can get a glimpse of the political drama of the countries that exist in the different world where Ark awoke, and in the latter half of the video, you can listen to the ending theme "Who said we are stupid" by DIALOGUE +. The TV anime "Skeleton Knight, Now Going to Another World" will start broadcasting on April 7.


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