Spy Classroom Anime Adaptation Announced

Takemachi's novel "Spy Classroom" will be made into a TV animation. At the same time, "animation decision visual", cast information, special news video, staff information were released.

"Spy Classroom" is a fantasy that depicts the deception of spies in a world where information warfare of spies has become more important. The story begins when Lily, a dropout from a spy training school, is scouted by a special team that specializes in near-impossible missions. The original novel won the grand prize at the 32nd Fantasia Awards. A comicalize by Kaname Seu is being serialized in Monthly Comic Alive (KADOKAWA). The released "Animation Decision Visual" depicts Lily with her muzzle close to her mouth with a dignified expression.

As the main cast, Sora Amamiya will play the role of Lily, and Yuichiro Umehara will play the role of Klaus . Amemiya and Umehara will continue from the PV of the comicalized version of "Spy Classroom" and the audio drama commemorating the third volume of the original novel. In addition, the director is Keiichiro Kawaguchi , the series composition is Shinichi Inozume, and the two people who formed a tag with "Zettai Karen Children" and "SKET DANCE", the character design is Sumie Kinoshita, and the animation production is "Our remake" "After all. My youth romantic comedy is wrong. Finish. ”Feel. Along with this announcement, comments were received from Amemiya, Umehara, Takemachi, and Tomari, who is in charge of the original illustration.

In commemoration of the decision to make it into a TV animation, the official Twitter account for anime (@spyroom_anime) is running a campaign in which 5 people will win a postcard using the "animation decision visual" with Amemiya's autograph. If you want it, follow the official Twitter account and retweet the target tweet. Check the official Twitter account for details such as the application period.


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