"Teppen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 15 JK drawn key visuals, teaser PV also released

The TV anime " Teppen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " based on "Teppen !!!" by Inujun and Namamugi will be broadcast in July. The key visual and teaser PV have been released.

"Teppen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" is a youth girls story that depicts high school girls aiming for the top of the high school student laughter championship "Teppen Grand Prix". The teaser visual depicts 15 high school girls from all over the country who are challenging the "Top Grand Prix". In addition, the opening theme song will be "Top of the World ~ TOP OF THE LAUGH !!! ~" sung by 15 cast members including Ayasa Ito , Aimi , and Mikoi Sasaki . Along with this announcement, the official website has also opened.

In addition, the event "Please remember just your face and name !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" will be held on August 21st at Nakano Sunplaza Hall in Tokyo. Also announced. Cast of Ito, Aimi, Sasaki, Aina Aiba , Honoka Kuroki, Saika Kitamori, Yuki Wakai , Riko Kohara , Meg Sakuragawa , Moe Toyota , Himari Hazuki, Nanae Kojima, Aina Suzuki , Momoyo Koyama 15 people are in full force. Event details such as ticket information will be released at a later date.


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