The Fruit of Evolution Anime Season 2 Officially Announced

It has been announced that the TV anime "The Fruit of Evolution" will "evolve" into a new TV anime with the title "The Fruit of Evolution: A Winning Life Before You Know It".

Based on a novel by Miko, "Evolutionary Fruit: Life of a Winner Before You Know It" is a fantasy story about a bullied high school student, Seiichi, who one day is transported from his school to an alternate world of swords and magic, where he accidentally consumes the "evolutionary fruit". It was broadcast from October to December 2021. The teaser visual was also released along with the announcement of the production of "True Evolutionary Fruit: Life of a Winner Before You Know It. It depicts the main character, Seiichi Hiiragi, played by Hiro Shimono, the pre-evolutionary Sariah, played by Toru Inada, and a mysterious character.

A teaser site was also launched today, April 1. The site shows a mysterious counter with the number of days. For details on the staff and cast, wait for further information.


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