The Prince of Tennis II: U-17 WORLD CUP Anime Trailer Released

The TV anime " New Prince of Tennis U-17 WORLD CUP " based on Takeshi Konomi will start broadcasting in July. At the same time, PV, key visuals, and additional casts were announced.

This was revealed at the stage event in "AnimeJapan 2021" held on March 26th today. In the released PV and key visuals, players from each country who will be rivals of the U-17 Japan National Team have appeared. The cast of representative players from each country includes Kentaro Tone as J├╝rgen Barrisavich Bork of Germany, Tomokazu Seki as Zeus Iriopoulos of Greece, Subaru Kimura as JJ Dolgias of Australia , and Switzerland. Kazuyuki Okitsu will play the role of Alexander Amadeus, and Natsuki Hanae will play the role of Prince Ludwig Chardar of France .

Tone recalled, "The role of Bork was decided and the first voice from the staff was" Welcome to the world of Tenipuri. " Seki said, "When I got the offer, I was really excited to say,'The Prince of Tennis finally called me!'!" Kimura said, "When I got the offer,'Did you finally come !!' I remember being very happy! " Okitsu enthusiastically said, "I'm thinking of defeating the Japanese national team with plenty of time. Please look forward to the splendid Vajena !!" Hanae said, "I started playing tennis when I was in the third grade of elementary school, and it wasn't long before the serialization of Tenipuri started, so I enjoyed reading it over and over again, and I enjoyed playing anime and games." "I don't know what will happen," he said, surprised by this offer.

In addition, opening and ending theme information has arrived. The opening theme was YOSHIKI EZAKIx Bleecker Chrome "I can fly", and the ending theme was "Dear Friend".

"New Prince of Tennis U-17 WORLD CUP", the first TV series in about 10 years, will be broadcast on TV Tokyo. The story after the OVA series "The Prince of Tennis OVA vs Genius 10" released in 2014 will be unfolded.


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