TIGER & BUNNY 2 Anime Main Trailer Released, Anime Release on 8th April

An additional cast of the anime " TIGER & BUNNY 2 ", a placement company, and a new PV have been announced.

This was reported at the event "TIGER & BUNNY 2 Precious EVE" held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba on March 12th today. The new hero will be unveiled, revealing that He's Thomas / Thomas Taurus will be played by Nobunaga Shimazaki , Mr. Black / Sengoku Subaru will be played by Shoya Chiba , and Magical Cat / Lara Chaikoskaya will be played by Tomori Kusunoki . Three cast members made a surprise appearance at the event venue.

Also, in the new PV, you can see the hero suit with the placement company logo that was lifted this time, and you can listen to the voices of the new characters and the opening theme "kaleido proud fiesta" by UNISON SQUARE GARDEN . At today's event, it was announced that the placement company of each hero, Wild Tiger, Barnaby Brooks Jr.'s new hero suit, comicalize information, and ending theme were decided to be ano 's "AIDA". In addition, it was reported that the cast interview entitled "Making of TIGER & BUNNY 2", the making of the hero suit, and the behind-the-scenes production of the music in the play by Yoshihiro Ike will be delivered on the BN Pictures YouTube Channel.

"TIGER & BUNNY 2" is a new work of the animation "TIGER & BUNNY" set in a city where a special ability person called NEXT protects peace as a hero. Directed by Mitsuko Kase , series composition by Masafumi Nishida , and character hero design by Masakazu Katsura , the world after "Tiger & Bunny -The Rising-" released in February 2014 is depicted. From April 8th, Netflix will broadcast episodes 1 to 13, which is part 1 of all 25 episodes.


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