Yuru Camp Movie New Teaser Reveals Opening and Ending Song

A special trailer and the second teaser visual for "Yuru Camp△," a movie written by Afuro, as well as visuals of the grown-up Nadeshiko Kakamigahara and others, have been released.

The special report finally reveals part of the story. It shows Shima Lynn walking the streets in a suit and Nadeshiko working at an outdoor goods store. The story begins with Lynn's comment, "If the site is that big, why not make it a campsite? Nadeshiko, Rin, Chiaki Ogaki, Aoi Inuyama, and Ena Saito, who have grown up and spent their time in different places, reunite and work hard to create a campground. The teaser visual shows "Campsite, we're going to build it! The five members and one animal pose in front of heavy machinery with the catchphrase, "We are the five.

Profiles of characters who have grown since the TV series are also revealed. Nadeshiko is revealed to be working at an outdoor goods store in Tokyo, while Lynn is working as an editor at a publishing company in Nagoya. Chiaki worked in Tokyo before making a U-turn and changing jobs at a tourism promotion organization in Yamanashi Prefecture. Aoi is working as a teacher at an elementary school in Yamanashi, and Saito was reported to be working as a trimmer at a pet salon in Yokohama, away from his dog Chikuwa.

The opening theme of the film will be "Sun Is Coming Up" by Asaka and the ending theme will be "Mimosa" by Eri Sasaki. The opening theme can also be heard in the special report.


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