"Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon" new movie version will be released in early summer 2023!

 "Theatrical version" Sailor Moon Cosmos "" based on Naoko Takeuchi 's "Sailor Moon" will be released in two parts in a row in early summer 2023. At the same time, a teaser visual and special news footage were released.

This was announced at the special program commemorating the 30th anniversary of "Sailor Moon" held today on April 28th. "Shadow Galactica", the final chapter of the series, is drawn in "Sailor Moon Cosmos". The battle between the new enemy Shadow Galactica and the sailor warriors is depicted. Directed by Tomoya Takahashi , written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu , character design by Kazuko Tadano, music by Yasuharu Takanashi, animation production by Toei Animation and Studio Dean, and Takeuchi as general supervisor.

The teaser visual depicts the appearance of Eternal Sailor Moon with a sad expression against the backdrop of the beautiful night view of Tokyo. Along with the catch phrase "I want to see you again", the story spun by Sailor Warriors and the "feelings" that Sailor Moon conveys in the work are expressed. Also, in the teaser video, Sailor Moon / Usagi, who involves his loved ones and friends in the battle because of his own power, accepts his fate while struggling and decides to fight.


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