Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Movie has been Scheduled for 11th June 2022

A new release date has been set for the "Dragon Ball Super Hero" movie based on the Akira Toriyama novel, which will hit theaters on June 11.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero," which was scheduled to be released on April 22, was postponed on March 6 after Toei Animation's network was illegally accessed by a third party.

The story of "Dragon Ball Super Super Hero" unfolds as the "New Red Ribbon Army," which inherited the will of the Red Ribbon Army, an evil organization destroyed by Son Goku, has created the most powerful artificial humans, Gamma-1 and Gamma-2. Toriyama wrote the original story and screenplay, and designed the characters. Tetsuro Kodama is the director, Osamu Kubota is the animation director, and Naoki Sato (Masquerade Night) is in charge of the music.


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