Drifting Home Netflix Movie will be Release on 16th September and New Teaser Video Released

The distribution start date and theatrical release date for the third feature-length animated film by Studio Colorido, "Drifting Home," has been set for September 16. In addition, the main cast, the second special report, and the main visual were all revealed.

Drifting Home is being produced as a Netflix movie. The film depicts the mysterious adventures of childhood friends Kosuke and Natsume, who grew up in an apartment complex, during their summer vacation. Mutsuki Tamura and Asami Seto will play the double lead roles of Kosuke and Natsume, respectively. Ayumi Murase will play the role of Noppo, a boy who is greatly involved in the mystery of the story; Daiki Yamashita will play the role of Yuzuru's playmate Yuzuru Yuzuru, who has a gentle personality; Yumiko Kobayashi will play the role of Taishi, another playmate with a curious mind; Inori Minase will play the role of Reina, the school madonna who grew up in a wealthy family; and Kana Hanazawa will play the role of Tamaki, Reina's best friend.

In the second special video, Kosuke, Natsume, and the others are enjoying summer fun such as fishing and sparklers in a "drifting apartment complex" that is moving through the open sea. However, their one-night camping trip is not all fun and games, as a mysterious boy named "Nopo" suddenly appears and it is revealed that the complex is sinking. ...... The video includes the song "Natsukare," which is an insert song from the film. The film uses the song "Natsukare" from the song "Natsukare" (meaning "summer is dead" in Japanese). The song is used to color the fresh summer scenery shown in the video. The main visual depicts Kosuke, Natsume, and other children gathered on the roof of a "drifting apartment complex.


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