Kokyu no Karasu Anime First Teaser Video Released

A teaser PV for the TV anime "Kokyu no Karasu" has been released.

The TV anime "Kokyu no Karasu" which will start airing in October, is a "Chinese fantasy tale" based on the novel series "Karasu in the Later Palace" written by Konko Shirakawa. The story is about a solitary queen, Liu Shuxue, who lives quietly in the back of the palace and does not engage in nocturnal sexual intercourse, and the emperor of the time, Xia Gao Shun. The final seven volumes of the original work were released today, April 21.

In the teaser PV, the character voices of Ryu Jusetsu (played by Mizuno Saku), Xia Gao Shun (played by Mizunaka Masaaki), Ei Qing (played by Yashiro Taku), and Ku Ku (played by Takano Marika) were revealed. You can also enjoy the play accompaniment that colors the work and the vivid images that express the world view. In addition, the official anime website has also released character introductions for Jyusetsu Yanagi, Shun Natsukaka, Ei Qing, and Ninety-nine.


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