One Piece: Hype of 'Roof Piece' Worldwide, Tops in Twitter Trends

One Piece Episode 1015 has gone viral on the internet. The much-anticipated episode was published on Sunday, April 24, and netizens were ecstatic. Within hours of the episode's debut, fans of the anime series began trending 'One Piece' on Twitter, expressing their excitement for the 'roof piece' and describing the latest episode as 'historical' and 'magnificent.'

Since February 2022 the fans were waiting for the anime television series to broadcast Episode 1015 of One Piece as it features the most sensational moments from the original manga series written & illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. The general term given by the fans for this specific moment is, “Roof Piece”. But, wait, why is it called so?

The reason for naming One Piece episode 1015 "Roof Piece" is that it signals the start of the biggest war in One Piece history, as members of the Worst Generation strive to take down the two most dangerous threats in Wano Country, Kaido and Big Mom. This episode is also notable for adapting the 1000th chapter of the original manga.

Toei Animation also brought back their best director for this special episode of One Piece. Yes, if you are a fan of the One Piece anime, you should be familiar with Megumi Ishitani's name. Last year, she directed the two best episodes of One Piece (Episodes 957 and 982). And she reappeared for Roof Piece, i.e. One Piece Episode 1015.

As soon as the latest episode of One Piece was released, fans went insane on social media, having witnessed something incredible this morning. Megumi Ishitani's talent simply wowed the audience. She managed every aspect of the episode flawlessly and gave excellent content.


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