The Legendary Hero is Dead Anime Adaptation Announced for 2023

SUBARUICHI "The Legendary Hero is Dead" will be adapted into a TV anime in 2023. Teaser visual, teaser PV, cast, and staff have been announced.

In "The Legendary Hero is Dead" is an adventure fantasy that unfolds when Toka, a slightly skeevy farmer boy, drops the brave man Zion into a pit of his own making and kills him. To hide the fact that he killed the hero, Toka buries the corpse, but the next morning something strange happens to Toka's body. ...... was serialized in Manga One and Ura Sunday from December 2014 to December 2020, and up to volume 20 of the book was published. A spin-off manga, "The Brave are Dead! Kami no Kuni Hen" will be serialized in Manga One starting in May.

The anime is directed by Rion Hisashiro, produced by WOWMAX, and animated by Raiden Film. Wataru Kato and Shunichi Toki will play the roles of Toka Scott and Zion Braidan, respectively.


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