Backflip!! Movie New Trailer Released, Movie Release in Japan on 2nd July

The release date of the animation "Movie Backflip !! " has been decided on July 2. At the same time, this notice was released.

"Movie Backflip !! " is a story about a member of the private Aohidekan High School Men's Rhythmic Gymnastics Club challenging Inter-High. This notice begins with a scene where the men's rhythmic gymnastics club's third grader's final inter-school athletic meet will be shown. A scene where the new captain Watari and Misato have a disturbing atmosphere while the seniors are heading for graduation, a scene where Shotaro expresses his feelings "I haven't felt refreshed since the end of the inter-school athletic meet", and 6 The figure of all the people heading for rhythmic gymnastics and the figure of rival Shiro High School Men's Rhythmic Gymnastics Club were also drawn. In addition, the song information was clarified, and the theme song was decided to be wacci "Our Step" and the insert song was decided to be centimillimental "What I want to convey from the light". The insert song is also used in this notice.

Furthermore, on June 11th, a completion announcement event will be held at Shinjuku Wald 9 in Tokyo, where cast members Shimba Tsuchiya , Kaito Ishikawa , Takashi Kondo , Hiro Shimono , Hiroshi Kamiya , and Ayane Sakura will be on stage. Tickets will be sold by lottery at Ticket Pia from May 13th to May 26th at 11:00, and will be on sale from 10:00 on the 28th.

In addition, on July 9th, a public commemorative talk and live performance of "Movie Backflip !! " will be held at Miyagi / Sendai PIT. Tsuchiya, director Toshimasa Kuroyanagi , Centimillimental, and wacci will appear. Tickets will be sold by lottery at Eplus from 10:00 to 26 May. It will be released to the general public at 10 o'clock on June 4th.

In addition, on May 14th, the second Mubichike card with benefits will be released. A limited number of mask cases were prepared as a privilege.


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