Blue Lock Anime New Visual and Trailer Released, Anime scheduled for October 2022

The TV anime " Blue Lock " based on Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura will be broadcast in the TV Asahi series "NUM Animation" from October. At the same time, key visuals, 10 additional cast members, and the first PV were announced.

"Blue Lock" is a soccer animation depicting 300 strikers gathered to win the World Cup. The key visuals are the main characters, Kiyoichi Isagi, Bachirameguru, and Rensuke Kunigami, against the backdrop of Blue Rock, a training dormitory that gathers 300 high school students. Chigiri Hyouma, and coach Egojinpachi, who holds the full power of the "Blue Lock" project, are depicted.

As additional casts, from the members of Team Z, Masatomo Nakazawa will play the role of Wataru Kuon , Yoshitsugu Matsuoka will play the role of Jingo Raichi , and Shoya Chiba will play the role of Yudai Imamura. The role of Gagamarugin is Shugo Nakamura , the role of Asahi Naruhaya is Daishi Kajita, the role of Iemon Okuhito is Ryunosuke Watanuki, and Kurimu Igarashi. Aoi Ichikawa will play the role of (Igarashi Gurimu) , and Kenichi Suzumura will play the role of Ryosuke Kira . In addition , Hiroshi Kamiya will play the role of Eshin Coach, and Eri Yukimura will play the role of Henri Teeri, a new employee of the Japan Football Union. 

In the first PV, you can hear the character voices of Wataru Kuon, a member of Team Z, played by Nakazawa, Eshin coach, played by Kamiya, and Henri Teikoka, played by Yukimura. In addition, Kiyoichi et al.'S Team Z members, Eshin coach, and Henri Teikoku's "Official Chibi Character Illustration" have also been released.


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