"Boku Ga Aishita Subete No kimi E" and "Kimi O Aishita Hitori No Boku E" Anime Movie Adaptation Announced and Movie Release on 7th October

It was announced that "Boku Ga Aishita Subete No kimi E" and "Kimi O Aishita Hitori No Boku E" both anime films adapted from novels by Yomoji Otono, will be released on October 7, 2022.

"Boku Ga Aishita Subete No kimi E" and "Kimi O Aishita Hitori No Boku E"  published in June 2016 are two boys with the same name in an era when you can go back and forth between parallel worlds. However, a love story that falls in love with a girl in each world. Both works are independent stories, not front and back stories or side stories, but both are set to make you aware that the two worlds intersect and support each other. Introduced on TikTok and became a hot topic, the cumulative circulation has exceeded 280,000.

Animation production is handled by different production studios. BAKKEN RECORD, a label in Tatsunoko Production that produced the promotion video "HUNGRY DAYS Aoharu Kayo" of Nissin Food Products, will produce "To all you I loved", and Jun Matsumoto will participate as a director . "To the one who loved you" is produced by Toms Entertainment, known for the anime "Lupin III" series, and directed by Kenichi Kasai. The script is written by Riko Sakaguchi in both works.

Along with this announcement, the project visual and project PV will also be released. The project visual is a mechanism that completes one world with the illustrations of both works, and two pairs of boys and girls are drawn on the left and right of the intersection where the two worlds overlap. Boys and girls are lit by bright sunlight on one side and warm sunset on the other. The project PV starts with the question, "What if there is a story whose ending changes greatly depending on the order in which you watch it?" The moment when a sad story begins to move is also projected, such as the youth of "I" and "Kimi" who live in the parallel world, which is "another world that I did not choose", and the events that they reach the turning point of their lives.

The original author, Otono, said, "This movie, which will be released at the same time, is designed to be viewed from either side, and I think that the way you feel will change greatly depending on the order in which you watch it. Please enjoy it. And imagine you in a parallel world that you saw in the reverse order of yours. " In addition, producer Kenzo Ishiguro said, "This work is a pure love movie in the middle," while introducing this work, "I'm not just drawing love. From the perspective of" love = caring for the other person. " It is a work full of love that I draw. I would like you to receive the "preciousness of feelings for the other person" from this work. "


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