MF Ghost Anime Second Trailer Released and Staff Announced

The second PV of the TV anime "MF Ghost" written by Shuichi Shigeno has been released. Staff information was also revealed.

"MF Ghost," which will be broadcast in 2023, depicts an automobile racing battle called "MFG" on public roads in Japan in the year 202X AD, a time when automated driving has become widespread. The PV features scenes of TOYOTA 86 and other sports cars driving along with Eurobeat. The driving sounds were recorded using actual cars.

The film is directed by Tomohito Naka, the director of "Legend 2: Fighting" and "Legend 3: Dreaming," and features music by Yasukio Tsuchihashi, who has worked on the "Initial D" series, and animation production by Felix Film, led by Director Naka. Felix Film, directed by Naka, is in charge of animation production. Kenichi Yamashita is in charge of series composition, Naoyuki Onda is in charge of character design, and Masafumi Mima, who also participated in the "Initial D" TV series, is the sound director. Onda's drawings of Katagiri Natsukou and Saionji Koi have also been unveiled. Volume 14, the latest volume of the original work, will be released tomorrow, May 6.


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