More than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers Anime Teaser Visual Released & Main Staff Announced

The teaser visual and main staff of the anime "More than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers" based on the original work by Yuki Kanamaru have been released.

"More than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers" Is a school where there is a class called "married couple training" in which a designated man and woman become a pseudo couple and live in an apartment. A romantic comedy work that begins with the pairing of Akari. It is being serialized in Young Ace (KADOKAWA), and the latest 8 volumes were released today on May 2nd.

The teaser visual depicts Jiro Yakuin and Hoshi Watanabe. In addition, Kato Takao will be the general director, Junichi Yamamoto will be the director, Toshihisa Arakawa will be in charge of the series composition, Chizuru Kobayashi will be in charge of character design, and studio MOTHER will be in charge of animation production. At the same time, comments from Kanamaru, Kado, and Yamamoto arrived, and Kanamaru said, "For the production staff who are nicely expressing the world of" Fuukoi "while valuing the atmosphere of the work and the readers. I'm really grateful! " Illustrations commemorating the animation by Kanamaru have also been released.

Comment by Yuki Kanamaru
With the help of many people, everyone at Seishun Gakuin can shine on such a big stage.
I am truly grateful to all the production staff who have wonderfully expressed the world of "Fukoi" while valuing the atmosphere of the work and the readers!
After seeing it, you'll want to fall in love, remember your youth, sneak a delusion ... I'm very happy to be able to create a work that leaves a little lingering sound in your heart!
Please enjoy the afterglow together!

Comment from Kato Takao (General Director)
A couple training with such a cute Hoshi !!
Life like a dream for high school students.
Hoshi-chan, who is a gal, has a high degree of exposure, and has a lot of skinships, and when she returns from school, she can stay with her all the time.
And it is a work that you can enjoy fashion.
Such clothes, such swimwear, and underwear.
The director, Mr. Yamamoto, is working on it with full delusion, so I think it will be a work that everyone will surely enjoy.
Please look forward to cute Hoshi-chan.

Comment from Junichi Yamamoto (Director)
A little happiness in which Jiro and his friends share their feelings with each other little by little while suffering from communal living through "marital training".
Also, the unrequited love and the subtleties of the relationship.
It is a work in which such emotional movements are drawn very delicately and happily.
We asked the teacher to participate in the book reading so that we could further amplify its appeal with animation, and all the staff thought out and searched for the answer.
We will make a cute and emotional film, so please look forward to it!


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