Orient Part 2 Anime Uesugi Bushidan Teaser Released, Anime Starts from July 2022

From the TV anime " Orient " based on Shinobu Otaka 's "The Battle of Awaji Island", the third main visual "Musashi and Michiru ver." And "Uesugi Bushidan PV" have been released.

"The Battle of Awaji Island" will be broadcast on TV Tokyo, BS TV Tokyo, and AT-X from July. The third main visual is drawn with the motif of the scene in the main story where Musashi and Michiru first got together, with a catch phrase "How can I not like you?" Was done. Also, for "Uesugi Bushidan PV", the first public video of Tatsuomi Uesugi, the leader of the Uesugi Bushidan, Kanryu Naoe, a senior vassal who is highly trusted by Ryuomi, and Masanori Amakusa, a subordinate of Kanryu, is used. And you can listen to the character voice of Kuroko Usami played by Yoko Hikasa .


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