Rent a Girlfriend Season 2 Anime New Trailer and Visual of Asami Nanami has Released

From the TV anime "She, I will borrow" based on the original work by Reiji Miyajima , Asami Nanami's "date visual" and character PV have been released.

The date visual shows a scene at the university, with Asami looking toward the viewer and her hair hanging over her ear. In the PV, Asami calls out to Kazuya, "Ka-zukun," and the video shows her attacking Kazuya.

Aoi Yuuki, who plays the role of Asami, commented, "It's time for me to start hiding my hand. She said, "It's about time I stopped hiding my hand, Villa n... I'm Aoi Yuuki, who plays the heroine candidate Asami, and I hope you will enjoy the fresh Asami in the second season. She, I Borrow" will begin airing on July 1 on the "Super Animeism" slot on the 28 MBS/TBS network nationwide.


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