Spriggan Anime Will be Release on 18th June and New Trailer Released

The additional cast, staff, and theme song information for the anime " Spriggan " based on Hiroshi Takashige and Ryoji Minagawa was announced, and this PV was released.

The anime "Spriggan" will be exclusively distributed worldwide on Netflix from June 18th. As an additional cast, Saori Hayami played the role of British technical officer Maria Clementi , Takayuki Sugou played the role of Bowman of the "Trident" action unit, which confronts Yu over the legacy of ultra-ancient civilization, and was appointed as a university professor at the age of 16. Mitsuho Kambe plays the role of linguistic genius Rie Yamabishi . The music and theme song in the play was produced by Taisei Iwasaki, and the opening theme song was named "Seeking the Truth feat. YAHZARAH" and the ending theme song was named "Ancient Creations feat. Shing 02". On June 18th, when the distribution of the anime will start, the original soundtrack containing the music and theme song in the play will also be released on each distribution site.

In PV, the voice of the character whose cast was announced this time and the opening theme song will be unveiled for the first time. The action scene is also included. It was also revealed that "Spriggan" will be delivered in all 6 episodes consisting of about 45 minutes each episode.


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