Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life Anime New Trailer Released

The second PV of the TV anime "Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life" has been released. Anime starts in July 2022.

The story is about Eugene, who is summoned to another world and becomes a tamer, but thanks to a slime who joins him, he becomes a sage, a second occupation, and becomes the most powerful person in the world, unaware of his own strength.

Also, the ending theme is by Surachanzu△, "Gohan da yo! Dada dada dada dada! by Sura-chanzu△. Surachanz △ is a unit formed by Hikaru Tono, Mai Kanno, Kazuki Mikawa, Elisa Kudo, Himasa Omori, and Miharu Hanai, who play the slimes in "Tensei Sage no Isekai Life". The second PV features the slimes, and includes the songs "Gohan da yo! Dada dada dada! is playing in the background, the slimes introduce their own activities in the work. Also featured are scenes of Eugene using magic, as well as Proud Wolf and Dryad. You can also see the enemy monsters they face.


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