Ao Ashi Part 2 First Trailer Released

The PV of the second cool of the TV anime " Aoashi " based on the original work by Yugo Kobayashi has been released.

The anime "Aoashi" that will enter the second cool from the 13th episode broadcast on July 2nd. In the PV, Ashit, who is grasping something while putting himself in Tokyo City Esperion Youth, is depicted as rushing forward while being pointed at by the director Fukuda with shocking words. In the video, the opening theme " Presence " was unveiled for the first time.

In addition, the scene cut of the 13th episode "Turn" has arrived. In episode 13, during the post-war celebration of Seikyo High School, Kuribayashi of Esperion Youth is shown playing in J1 on the TV of a yakiniku restaurant. When Kuribayashi finished the post-match interview, Date contacted Mibu's cell phone. As Yoshitsune of Team A was strained, Team A and Team B were supposed to replace some of the front line players. The scene cut included a smiling Ashito and Yoshitsune with earphones in his ears and a rugged expression. Kazuya Konno of FC Tokyo will appear in the live-action corner "#J League Aoashi Challenge" at the end of the program.


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