Ayakashi Triangle Previously Announced Anime Scheduled for 2023

It has been revealed that the TV anime " Ayakashi Triangle " based on the original work by Kentaro Yabuki will be broadcast in 2023.

"Ayakashi Triangle" is a "Ayakashi love fantasy" that depicts the Kazemaki festival of "Harae Shinobu" who keeps fighting to get rid of the youkai that are harmful to the human world. It is being serialized in Shonen Jump +. The latest information will be announced on the official anime website and official Twitter account (@ayakashi_anime).

Japan may be brimming with mysterious monsters called ayakashi, but they have a special exorcist ninja force to counter the threat! Young exorcist ninja Matsuri spends his days fighting ayakashi to protect his childhood friend Suzu. But when an ayakashi cat named Shirogane shows up, things get turned upside down!


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