Black Summoner Anime New Trailer Released and Premier on July 9

The theme song information for the second PV of the TV anime " Black Summoner " has been announced.

The opening theme is "Tou-naka DEAD END" by Reto Bear (unknown Vo : 10fu), a new unit of Vocaloid P Kairiki Bear, and the ending theme is "Wherever" sung by Suzuki Minori, who plays Sera, daughter of the demon king Gustav. In the second PV released this time, you can listen to a part of the music of "Tou-naka DEAD END" and "Wherever". Comments from Leto Bear (unknown Vo : 10fu) and Suzuki have arrived.

In addition, the official Twitter account (@kuronoshokanshi) of the anime "Black Summoner" is holding a present campaign in which two winners will be chosen by drawing for a color paper autographed by Kairiki Bear. The application period is from today, June 17 to 23:59 on June 30. To enter, follow the official Twitter account of the anime and retweet the campaign tweet.

The anime "Black Summoner" will start airing on TOKYO MX and other stations on July 9. It was also announced that it will be broadcast on six new stations including Akita Asahi Broadcasting Corporation. In addition, it will be distributed simultaneously on d-Anime Store, J:COM On Demand, and milplus.

Black Summoner" is a battle story about a battle-crazed summoner, Kelvin, who gathers friends and rises to become a top adventurer. Based on the novel of the same title by Tofu Murai, Kelvin is played by Koki Uchiyama and Efil by Mainaka Ishimi.


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