Call of the Night Anime Main Trailer Released and Anime Starts From July 7

The first broadcast date of the TV anime "Call of the Night" based on Kotoyama's original work has been decided on July 7. The theme song, this PV, and additional cast were also announced.

The opening theme is the new song "Fallen Angel" written by Creepy Nuts , and the ending theme is "Call of the Night" by Creepy Nuts, which was the source of the title. Creepy Nuts' comment video is available on the official Twitter account of the film. The opening theme "Fallen Angel" is also used for this PV. The voices of Nico played by Eri Kitamura , Kabra played by Shizuka Ito , Midori played by Naomi Ohzora, and Hatsuka played by Azumi Waki ​​were also unveiled for the first time.

Kensho Ono is in charge of the role of Hiru Seki, who is in the same second year of junior high school as the main character, Kou, and has excellent grades and is versatile in sports . Hiroyuki Yoshino plays the role of Akihito Akiyama, who likes auctions, and Kiyosumi Shirakawa, who becomes a captive of Nazuna's massage, is called by Nazuna, a self-proclaimed co-sleeper. Played by Yoko .


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