Date a Live Season 5 Announced

Production of the TV anime "Date A Live V" has been decided.

Date A Live" is based on a light novel by Tachibana Kouji serialized in Dragon Magazine (KADOKAWA). To commemorate the production of the fifth season of the TV anime, a congratulatory illustration by Tunako, who illustrated the original novel, was unveiled. Cast comments also arrived. Nobunaga Shimazaki, who plays the role of Shido Gokawa, said, "IV ended at an amazing point, but of course V will be amazing. There will be a parade of furious developments and foreshadowing! We hope you will see it through to the end. Enjoy!" He also commented, "I'm looking forward to seeing it through to the end! Shimazaki's full comment, as well as comments from Marina Inoue, who plays Juka Yatogami, and Asami Sanada, who plays Kyozo Tokizaki, can be found below.

Comment from Nobunaga Shimazaki (role of Nobunaga Shimazaki)
5th production decision !! I'm happy! I'm very happy! Thanks to everyone! thank you!
IV ends in a terrific place, but of course V is awesome.
An on-parade of angry development and hint recovery!
I would appreciate it if you could see it to the end. looking forward to!

Marina Inoue (role of Toka Yatogami) Comment
Congratulations on the 5th production decision!
To be honest ... I wonder if you can make it to the end when you decide until the 4th term ...? I was expecting it without permission (laughs). Anyway, I'm very happy.
With the addition of new characters in the 4th term, it really became a big family.
I am deeply impressed that it has come over the years.
We will continue to do our best while staying close to the characters, so please support us!

Comment from Asami Sanada (role of Kazuzo Tokizaki)
At last, I think I've come this far ... !! Without everyone's support,
Kazuzo might have been just a mysterious person (laughs). I'm really happy. thank you!
From the scene of the 4th term last, the story is finally getting to the core (although it has a climax feeling for a long time). Please look forward to it !!


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