Engage Kiss Anime New Trailer and Visual Released, Anime Starts from July 2

The second key visual and the second PV of the TV anime " Engage Kiss " have arrived. The new character, its cast, and the ending theme were also announced. Anime will be release on July 2, 2022.

Akeno Watanabe is the role of Akeno Yugiri , Kenichiro Matsuda is the role of Miles Morgan, Yoshiaki Hasegawa is the role of Tetsuya Mikami, Aya Uchida is the role of Shenhua Hachisuka, Saori Onishi is the role of Rinka Hachisuka , and Ryota Osaka is the role of Mikhail Hachisuka . The ending theme was decided to be "Love Brain" by Akari Nanawo . Nanawo commented on the song, "I think it has become something that makes you feel the emotions of the heroines who are at the mercy of the main characters on the daily part side." You can also listen to this ending theme in the second installment.

Also, on June 22nd, at Shinjuku Wald 9 in Tokyo, a talk event will be held with the pre-screening and cast of episodes 1 and 2. On the day of the event, Soma Saito as Shu Ogata , Saya Aizawa as Kisara, Rumi Okubo as Sharon Holy Grail, and Seitaro Mukai as Tianjin will be on stage. In addition, the comicalized serialization of "Engage Kiss" will start on July 2nd on the manga app Manga UP !. The drawing is done by us.

To commemorate the 10,000 followers of the official anime Twitter account, we are also planning to present a standby image. Furthermore, a skeleton truck with "Engage Kiss" specifications is running in Akihabara until June 5th tomorrow. If you tweet with the hashtag "#Power up with everyone's love" on Twitter, the inside of the skeleton truck wrapped in smoke will clear up and you can see the inside. Furthermore, tomorrow, postcards of the characters will be distributed at Savonius Plaza in Akihabara, Tokyo.

"Engage Kiss" is an original project by Project Engage, which is a collaboration between Fumiaki Maruto, who is known for "how to raise her dull", and Tsunako, who works on the illustrations for the "Date A Live" series. Pre-registration for the smartphone game "Engage Kill" produced by Square Enix is ​​scheduled to begin this summer. Along with today's announcement, the introduction of the game and the pre-release version of the key visual drawn by Tsunako have also been lifted.


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