Kakegurui Twin Anime Trailer released and Anime Release on August 4

Additional cast members for the anime "Kakegurui Twin" written by Homura Kawamoto and Katsura Saiki have been announced. The key visual and PV were also unveiled.

Kakegurui Twin is a spin-off of "Kakegurui", also written by Homura Kawamoto. The story is set one year before the main character of "Gakke Grui", Yumeko Snake, transferred to Hyakkaou Academy, and the story begins when Mary Saotome, still an ordinary girl, transferred to Hyakkaou Academy. Along with this announcement, it was also revealed that the anime will be distributed exclusively worldwide on Netflix on August 4.

Additional cast members include Rina Honzumi as Tsuzura Hanatemari, Yuko Daichi as Yukimi Togakushi, Yuko Kaita as Sachiko Juraku, Aoi Koga as Mikura Sado, Seiichiro Yamashita as Aoi Mibuomi, and Riyo Takahashi as Sakira Miharu Taki. The key visual, drawn by character designer Manabu Nii, depicts Meari and the six characters whose casts have been announced this time. In the psychedelic, up-and-down, left-right worldview, the characters are represented as winners and losers tossed about in a gamble that can be reversed in an instant.

The PV features the ending theme song "Queens Bluff" by i☆Ris. It begins with a scene in which Meari, who has transferred to the school as a special student, meets Hanatemari Tsuzura, who is living in the school as a loser in gambling, and the two are confronted with the chaos of the school, which is ruled by gambling, and are tossed about. To the catchy melody of "Queens Bluff," the song is accompanied by the lyrics, "Survive through gambling," "Don't trust, don't doubt," "Don't flirt, don't crowd," and "Don't be a fool. Don't flock, don't crowd. Don't be dominated. The keywords "Don't flirt, don't crowd, don't dominate" are also shown.


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