Kentaro Miura 's "Berserk" will be resumed serialization from Young Animal No. 13 (Hakusensha) released on June 24th.

It was announced that the serialization of Kentaro Miura 's "Berserk" will be resumed from Young Animal No. 13 (Hakusensha) released on June 24th. The credit after the resumption will be "Original, Kentaro Miura Manga, Studio Iga Supervision, Kouji Mori ".

Miura died in May last year at the young age of 54. Comments arrived from the Young Animal editorial department and Kouji Mori when the serialization resumed. The Young Animal editorial department said, "Kentaro Miura was telling the story and episode of" Berserk "to his best friend, cartoonist Kouji Mori. He also talked to the studio staff and the editor in charge. It wasn't something I left behind, and I wondered if everyone would be surprised if I drew something like this, how about a character like this, and whether this development would be interesting. " I have a strong resistance to ending the story without telling anyone. I want you to read the last episode and the last frame that we brought in, "he said to the reader. Since there is no remaining, it is impossible for us to perfectly shape the manuscript that Mr. Miura was trying to make, but we will compose the manga so that it never deviates from what Mr. Miura was talking about. I would like to sincerely spin "Kentaro Miura" that has taken root in ourselves through conversations with Mr. Miura and manuscript production. This production system is the "Berserk" that Mr. Miura envisioned. I believe it's a way to tell you as faithfully as possible. " He explained, "From the next issue to the last of" Phantom World Edition / Fairy Island Chapter ", we will first publish 6 episodes. After that, we plan to enter a new edition." "We will also inherit the numbering of books."

Mori also said, "Miura was saying,'I haven't told anyone other than Mori about the story until the final episode.' And that was a fact. It's too heavy a responsibility. Should I speak to you? Or will you post it in a sentence with an illustration ... But then I can't convey the scene that Miura told me, the lines of Guts and Griffith ... He said, "I want you to see the manuscript of the last inning because the staff will draw it to the end." "I have a promise to everyone. I will remember the details as much as possible and tell the story. And Miura tells himself. I will only do the episodes that I told. I will not flesh out. I will not do the episodes that I do not remember clearly. I will only do the lines and stories that Miura told me. I think you can almost tell the story. The skills of Miura's disciples are real! He is a wonderful painter. I sent a message to the readers.


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