My Master Has No Tail Anime has Released Character Trailer

The second PV of the new cast of the TV anime " My Master Has No Tail" based on the original work by TNSK has been released.

"Uchi no Shisho wa Shippo ga nai" is a work that depicts the love of the master and pupil of the master, Daikokutei Bunkitsune, with Mameda, a girl with a tongue fox who aims to become a rakugo storyteller, based on Kamigata rakugo. As a new cast, Ayana Taketatsu will play the role of Kiri no Enshi, one of the big signboards of Kamigata Rakugo, and Akira Ishida will play the role of the Ebisu family song of the four heavenly kings. Junichi Suwabe plays the role of the rakugo storyteller, Daikokutei Fumiko .

In the second PV, in addition to the characters played by the new cast, Hibiku Yamamura 's Bunko Daikokutei and Takuya Eguchi 's Tsubaki Shiro Keiji will be gathered. It was finished in a video that was fun to see what kind of rakugo they would perform. The anime "Uchi no Shisho wa Shippo ga nai" will be broadcast on TOKYO MX, MBS, and BS Asahi from October.


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