My Recently Hired Maid Is Suspicious Anime starts from July 23

The TV anime "The maid I hired recently is suspicious" written by Wakame Kombu will start airing on July 23 in the "ANiMAZiNG! on July 23, 2022, on ABC TV and TV Asahi network 24 stations nationwide. The first PV was released at the same time.

The "Recently Hired Maid is Suspicious" depicts the relationship between Lilith, a maid working at a country house, and Yuri, a "little boy" who can't help but be curious about her. The first PV shows Yuri, who is suspicious of the recently hired maid, and Lilith, a maid with a secret who has started working as a live-in maid, as they meet and develop a bond. The opening theme song by ≠ME, "Su, I don't like it! by ≠ME, has also been released for the first time.


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