ONE PIECE FILM RED New Trailer Reveals Additional Cast Information

The main notice of the movie " ONE PIECE FILM RED " based on the original work by Eiichiro Oda , the theme song, and the artist information of the song in the play have been released.

This has been lifted with the new information announcement special number of the movie "ONE PIECE FILM RED" currently distributed on the official YouTube account of "ONE PIECE" and the official Twitter account of the movie. A total of 7 songs are produced for the theme song and the song in the play, all sung by Ado , the singing cast of Uta . The theme song "New Era" was produced by Yasutaka Nakata. In addition, the song "I am the strongest" in the play is Mrs. GREEN APPLE , "Backlight" is Vaundy , "Utakatararabai" is FAKE TYPE . Motohiro Hata is in charge of producing "No Yukue" .

In addition, the theme song "New Era" will be lifted in this notice released at the same time. In the video, Uta's first live concert appears with the desire to "make the world happy with songs". You can catch a glimpse of her live performance, such as singing on a gorgeous stage and wearing a golden armor costume. In addition, Luffy and Uta, who met in the village of Fusha 12 years ago, the Red Hair Pirates led by Shanks, Gordon, a mysterious man who knows the past of Uta and Shanks, and the Straw Hat Pirates who are dressed in festival costumes and fighting. The figure was also drawn.

It is also announced in the program that Kenjiro Tsuda will play the role of character Gordon, who is considered to be an important figure in the movie. Comic Natalie will also deliver other information and reports that will be announced in the special program.

"ONE PIECE FILM RED", the fourth in the "ONE PIECE FILM" series for which Oda is the general producer, will be released on August 6th. The director is Goro Taniguchi of the "Code Geass" series, and the script is Tsutomu Kuroiwa, who also worked on "ONE PIECE FILM GOLD".


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