Overlord IV Will Be Release on July 5, New Trailer released

The TV anime "Overlord IV" will start broadcasting on July 5th on AT-X, TOKYO MX, MBS, TV Aichi, and BS11. Along with the lifting of the ban on broadcasting and distribution information, the third PV, main staff, and introduction have also been revealed.

"Overlord", which will be broadcast in the first period in 2015 and the second and third periods in 2018, will be produced as a completely new movie version. In the 4th PV released, along with both the opening theme "HOLLOW HUNGER" by OxT and the ending theme "No Man's Dawn" by Mayu Maeshima, Ains who thinks about the destination of the magical country, and Ains and Ma The figures of people who are frightened by the country but are at the mercy of them are depicted.

In addition, the site commemorating the 10th anniversary of the publication of the original "Overlord" has been released. From more than 40 people on the site, including 10th anniversary comments by the original author Kugane Maruyama, illustrations drawn by so-bin who is the original character draft, and the anime team including the leading cast of the anime "Overlord". Congratulatory comments are posted. There is also a questionnaire form to solicit messages from fans, so if you are interested, let's send your passion.


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