Parallel World Pharmacy Anime New Trailer reveals Additional Cast and Anime Premier July 10

The broadcast start date of the TV anime " Isekai Yakkyoku " has been decided on July 10. At the same time, an additional cast and the second PV have been released.

"Isekai Yakkyoku" is a fantasy based on the novel by Liz Takayama. PV begins with the scene where modern Japanese pharmacy researcher Kusuriya Kanji reincarnates into the son of a well-known court pharmacist, Pharma. It shows how to tackle all kinds of diseases by making full use of the cheat ability of material creation and material erasure, and the "mythology" that can only be used by aristocrats. Ellen, Lotte, Empress Elisabeth II who governs the San Fluve Empire played by Shizuka Ito , Bruno de Medicis, the father of Pharma played by Kenji Nomura , and Blanche de Medicis, the sister of Pharma played by Maria Naganawa . Their appearance was also included. In the PV, you can also listen to the opening theme song "Dream Chronicle" sung by Kaori Ishihara and the ending theme song "Shiraame" sung by Little Black Dress .


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