Shinobi no Ittoki Anime New PV Released and Additional Cast Announced

The second teaser PV and the second key visual of the original animation " Shinobi no Ittoki" has been released. At the same time, an additional cast was announced.

"Shinobi no Ittoki" is a story about the main character, Shinobi no Ittoki, who learned that he was the 19th legitimate successor to the Iga Ninja one day, and throws himself into the world of ninja where the conflict between Iga and Koka continues for a long time. The PV and visuals depict the state of Ninjutsu Academy, which will be attended for a while. Also, among the female characters who spend time and at the school, Aoi Yuki plays the role of mood maker Teruyoshi Kisegawa, Hitomi Sekine plays the role of Ryoko Suzuno who loves ninja tools, and Satomi Tsubaki, a junior in middle school who thinks about it at one time. Miyu Tomita is in charge of the role . Comments arrived from Yuki and three others.

In addition, Ryota Osaka , who will play a temporary role, will appear in the live distribution that will be delivered from 19:00 on June 23 on the YouTube channel of TROYCA, which is the animation producer . Talk about "Shinobi no Ittoki".

"Shinobi no Ittoki" by TROYCA and DMM pictures, an animation label on It will be broadcast from October.


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