SPY x FAMILY Part 2 Teaser Video Released, Anime Starts from October

The teaser PV for the second cool of the TV anime " SPY x FAMILY " based on the original work by Tatsuya Endo has been released.

"SPY x FAMILY" which reached the final story of the first course on June 25th today. The released PV has the words "NEXT MISSION: Stop bomb terrorism" along with tense and suspenseful music. Keith Kep1er, a new character played by Hiroki Takahashi , was also unveiled, and the finish is expected to be a serious development that is completely different from the first course. The second course will be broadcast on TV Tokyo Network 6 stations and others from October.

Furthermore , the distribution release of "TV anime" SPY x FAMILY "original soundtrack Vol.1" containing the BGM of the first cool play by (K) NoW_NAME has been decided. Distribution will start at 24:00 today on each music distribution site.


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