Uncle from Another World Anime New Trailer and Release date Revealed

The TV anime " Uncle from Another World " based on the almost dead original will be broadcast on AT-X, BS11, TOKYO MX and others from July 6th. At the same time, the 3rd key visual and the 2nd PV have been released.

"Uncle from Another World" is a comedy about an uncle who has spent 17 years in another world, Gran Bahamal, and has returned to the real world, and his nephew Takafumi. In the third key visual, two worlds, the different world, Grand Bahamal, and modern Japan were expressed. In addition , the character visuals of Edgar played by Kenichi Suzumura , Laiga played by Nobuhiko Okamoto , and Sawae played by Hisako Kanemoto are also appearing.

It is also clear that the special program for the first episode of "Uncle from Another World" will be held on YouTube Live on June 25th. Takehito Koyasu , who plays the role of uncle, and Jun Fukuyama , who plays the role of Takafumi, will appear and talk. Furthermore, on June 29, the special program "AT-X special program" Uncle from Another World "channel" will be broadcast on AT-X. Similarly, Koyasu and Fukuyama will appear to convey the charm of the work.


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