Futoku no Guild Anime Trailer Released, Airs in October 2022

The teaser PV of the TV anime " Futoku no Guild " based on Taichi Kawazoe has been released.

Futoku no Guild is a "hunting erotic comedy" that begins when Kikuru Madan, an excellent hunter with no experience in dating women and low motivation for his work, meets Hitamu Kyan, a martial artist named Hitamaeki. In the teaser PV, you can catch a glimpse of Kikuru, played by Katsumi Fukuhara, Hitamikane, played by Karin Isobe, Maidena Angers, played by Ayano Shibuya, Toxicco Danner, played by Daichiha, Hanabata Nohkins, played by Yuna Kamakura, and Noma Rune, played by Saho Shirasu Saho, all with character voices.

The anime will start airing in October.


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