Fuuto Tantei Anime New Trailer Released

The poster visual and preview PV of the anime " Futo Detectives " based on Shotaro Ishinomori , Riku Sanjo, and Masaki Satou have arrived.

"Futo Detectives" is a sequel to the special effects drama "Kamen Rider W". Set in the windy city where peace should have come, private detective Shotaro Sakata and his partner Philip confront a new mysterious incident. In the preview PV, the theme song "Sin, Punishment and Underground" will be accompanied by a mysterious beauty, Tokime, a combination of Shotaro and Philip, Terui, Manto, and a part of the dopant. Along with the release of the preview PV, avex's YouTube official channel showed a commentary video of Koji Kikkawa , who composes and produces music for "Sin, Punishment, and Underground," and Mitsuru Matsuoka , who is in charge of vocals and lyrics .

In addition, a CD-BOX covering the music of "Futo Detectives" will be released on September 21st. It will be available in two forms, the first limited edition and the regular edition. For details, check out Kamen Rider avex SOUND WEB, the official website of the theme song and soundtrack of the "Kamen Rider" series.

Also, on July 30th, an event "Event just before the delivery of" Futo Detectives "" will be held at Shinjuku Baltic 9 in Tokyo. The event will be held over the first and second parts, and the first to third episodes of the animation will be screened. In addition, Yoshimasa Hosoya as Shotaro Sakata, Koki Uchiyama as Philip, Akira Sekine as Tokimeki, Mikako Komatsu as Akiko Narumi , Director Yosuke Kabashima, and Toei executive producer Hideaki Tsukada will appear in the anime. Talk about behind-the-scenes stories and secret stories about production. Ticket pre-reserve will begin today at Ticket Pia at 17:00 on July 1st.

The anime "Futo Detectives" will be broadcast on TOKYO MX at 22:00 on August 8th, and will be newly broadcast on Sun TV on August 8th, BS11 in October, and Toei Channel from December. Prior to broadcasting, U-NEXT will start exclusive distribution on August 1st.


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