Arata Miyatsuki, creator of Impossibility Defense, has released a new manga.

On Tuesday, manga creator Arata Miyatsuki released Tsugunai Maho Shojo Kalenza (Kalenza, the Magical Girl of Redemption) in Shogakukan's Manga ONE app. Tota Shimouchi is drawing the art, while Miyatsuki is writing the story.

The story of the manga begins when a girl named Yuki commits suicide after being bullied at school, while her friend Hina blames herself and regrets all the things she couldn't say to Yuki. Hina meets a man only known as "026" and enters into a contract with him that grants her special abilities.

Last November, Miyatsuki and Yuya Kanzaki concluded their Funhan (Impossibility Defense) manga. On January 19, Shueisha released the manga's 12th and final volume. In 2013, Kanzaki and Miyatsuki debuted the manga in Shueisha's Grand Jump magazine.

The manga was adapted into a live-action film in February 2018, as well as a four-episode mini-series that aired on dTV in December 2017.

Sources: Manga ONE app, Arata Miyatsuki's Twitter account, Anime News Network


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