Megaton Musashi Anime Confirmed to Broadcast this Fall

Level-5's TV animation for the cross-media project "Megaton Musashi" will begin airing on TOKYO MX and BS Fuji on October 1st. At the same time, the key visual was released, and the staff cast was revealed.

"Megaton Musashi" will be available in games and toys in addition to anime. The storey of the anime takes place on Earth after the mysterious alien Drakta has destroyed the majority of humanity. The inhabitants of the shelter Ixia, where humanity once hid from Draktor's gaze, lived a normal life without knowing anything about the day of destruction. However, some of the "chosen ones" among the inhabitants are fighting aliens by piloting Rogue, a massive robot.... In the key visual, eight characters are lined up, with the robot at the back.

Furthermore, OLM is in charge of animation production, Shigeharu Takahashi of directing, Akihiro Hino of series composition and screenplay, Yuji Ikeda of character design, and Kenichiro Saigo of music. Games and similarly, an Otera Yamato Officer Toshiki Masuda, a shallow sea Teruyaku Sma Sait, Hijikata Ryuware auditors Takeuchi Shun, Amemiya Reiji auditors Kouki Uchiyama, Kirishima Jun auditors Sumire Moroboshi, the MOEMOEMOE Saotome incense Auditor Megumi Ban, Yuki Kaji will play the role of Kazutaku Kan. Asuna Kanzaki is played by Tomoyo Kurosawa, Kiyonatsu Nishino is played by Ayana Taketatsu, Sayaka Minami is played by Mariya Ise, Hatsune Tendo is played by Maki Izawa, Aoi Kitane is played by Yumiri Hanamori, and Aoi Hoshino is played by Yu. Kiheki has been cast as Ifukugin thick auditors Kazuhiro Yamaji.

Source: Comic Natalie


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