Waccha Primagi! Anime Additional Cast Announced

An additional cast of the TV anime " Waccha Primagi! " Has been announced. Yayoi chicks role Aya Uchida , Chimumu auditors引坂Rie , the heart love lemon Officer Anna Suzuki , the Caron auditors Yoshikawa Sunao play.

Anime staff include:
Original: Takara Tomy Arts / Syn Sophia
General Director: Junichi Sato
Director: Kosuke Kobayashi
Chief Director: Park Chi Man
Series composition:Fumi Tsubota
Character draft: Hiromi Nashimoto (Syn Sophia)
Character design: Sayaka Toda
CG Director: Yoshihiro Otobe
Music: Hiromi Mizutani
Sound Director: Yukio Nagasaki
Animation production: Tatsunoko Production / Dongwoo A & E

Anime Cast include:
Yobino Festival: Chinatsu Hirose 
Myam: Riko Koike
Hina Yayoi: Aya Uchida
Chimmu: Rie Hikisaka Heart
Love Remon: Anna Suzuki
Charon: Sunao Yoshikawa

"Waccha Primagi!" Will be broadcast on TV Tokyo from October as a 10th anniversary work of the "Pretty Series". The Yobino Festival, a first-year junior high school student who dreamed of a day when he could participate in the magical entertainment "Primagi" created by singing, dancing and fashion, was scouted by "Primagi" from the witch, Myamu, who came from the magical world. The story begins to move from that. Hina is a third-year junior high school student who attends a primaji strong school and is a character with a hot and straight personality. Chimmu is a witch who doesn't get along well with Myam and is a partner of Hina. Remon is a second-year junior high school student of the shy Primagio Taku. Charon is a polite, serious, and inflexible wizard who is a partner of Lemon.


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