New Visual for World Trigger 3rd Season Anime Released

The teaser visual of the TV anime "World Trigger 3rd Season" based on Daisuke Ashihara has been released. At the same time, it was decided to hold a live distribution event.

"World Trigger 3rd Season" will be broadcast on TV Asahi from October. Following the "2nd season", even more powerful enemies will stand in the second rank of Tamaki in the B-rank battle. The released teaser visuals are designed by Yuma Sora, the second ace of Tamaki, and Hughes, who joined the "border" in the final episode of the "2nd season" and became the second member of Tamaki. Yuma who makes full use of the wire by Osamu's spider and the fuse that appeared after solving the back worm are drawn in pairs, and it is one that expects the two enemies to fight together. ..

Comments also arrived from director Morio Hatano. Hatano says, "I would like to create a work that exceeds the expectations of World Trigger fans and makes me want to look back over and over again. Thank you for your support." ..

The live stream will be broadcast on YouTube's Toei Animation official channel from 17:30 on August 15th. Starring Tomo Muranaka as Yuma Sora, Yuki Kaji as Osamu Mikumo , Nao Tamura as Chika Ametori , Nobunaga Shimazaki as Hughes, and Kenji Kawai in charge of the music for the anime series. It has also been announced that there will be the latest information on the "3rd season" and "serious announcements". From 19:00, as the second part, a collaboration program with "Voice Actor Park Construction Plan VR Department" will be distributed on YouTube's TV Asahi official channel. In addition to Muranaka, Kaji, Tamura and Shimazaki, Pekopa and Tomokazu Seki will appear.

Source: Comic Natalie, Toei Animation website


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