Rina Hidaka, Rumi Okubo, and Yukiyo Fujii appear in the anime "Komi Can't Communicate"

Rina Hidaka, Rumi Okubo, and Yukiyo Fujii appear in the anime "Komi Can't Communicate"

The key visual of the TV anime " Komi-san Can't Communicate" based on Tomohito Oda and the first PV have been unveiled. It was also announced that Rina Hidaka , Rumi Okubo , and Yukiyo Fujii will appear as additional casts .

"Komi-san is a " Is a beautiful girl, but when she tries to talk to another person, her facial expression becomes stiff due to tension. Komi Shoko, a first-year high school student, makes 100 friends despite her clumsiness. Comedy struggling for. Aoi Koga will play the role of Komi Glass, Gakuto Kajiwara will play the role of Hitoshi Tadano, and Rie Murakawa will play the role of familiar long name .

It has been announced that Hidaka will play the role of Koi Yamai, Okubo will play the role of Adolescent Nakanaka, and Fujii will play the role of Noriko Hidaka , and it is also clear that Noriko Hidaka will be in charge of the narration . As the ending theme Kitri also decided that due to the "Hikareinochi" is used. Comments have arrived from the cast and artists.

Comment from Rina Hidaka (role of Koi Yamai)
Impression of this work
There are many scenes and lines where each character is really strong and makes me laugh unintentionally, but there are some parts that I can sympathize with, and there are moments when I think "I'm here!"
And Mr. Furumi is very cute, isn't he? I want to cheer for the clumsy but hard-working figure, and I'm excited to see him grow up little by little.

Impression of the character to be played and enthusiasm for the role
Koi Yamai is the central figure in the class and has many friends, so it looks like "The Yokka", but when it comes to Mr. Furumi ... people change. From the time I read the original, I was shocked by the sudden change. (Laughs) I'll do my best to express that gap in the play! Also, I personally like Yamai's facial expression when he's sick, so I'm looking forward to it as a fan.
Comment from Rumi Okubo (role of Nakanaka) 
Impression of this work
When I read it for the first time, I was very healed by the soft and edgy part and the edgy part, and made me laugh a lot!
Strong individuality ... No, there are many characters that are too strong, and every child is so attractive that I get lost.
It's a work that you'll want to recommend to many people because you can enjoy it from various directions.
I'm supporting Mr. Furumi with Mr. Tadano, who is so cute and doing his best!
Good luck, Furumi-san!

Impression of the character to be played and enthusiasm for the role
Mr. Nakanaka has two illnesses.
We are in the midst of that painful and fresh sensibility that everyone in life would have experienced once.
I am also an experienced person ... I can understand my feelings so much that I wish I could be close to adolescents while remembering those days.
Normally, I'm fully open to Chunibyo, but since the girlish appearance that I sometimes see is an insanely cute girl, I want to play while cherishing those parts as well.
Comment from Yukiyo Fujii (role of Miko Ueri)
Impression of this work
All the characters have a strong personality! From the first impression of, as I read on, Mr. Tadano noticed and pulled out a lot of cute things about Mr. Furumi, and every time I got to know their kind inner side, I became more and more fond of them. It has become.
There are many cases where it is difficult for people to know and accept each other, such as being unable to express themselves honestly, being unable to communicate well to the other person, being more delicate than the image seen by others, and being itchy. I think there is, but when I read this work, my heart feels warm.
I thought it was a very heartfelt work that made me want to laugh and cheer as Kyun.

Impression of the character to be played and enthusiasm for the role
When you hear that Kami-chan is a girl with a sickness, you might imagine a cute girl, but the character hidden in the veil of sickness is a very strong child with an unhidden personality. It was a girl with a very wide swing.
There are various aspects and it is very fun. I will do my best to make more friends for Ueri-chan!
Kitri comment
I am very happy to be in charge of the ED theme song for the TV anime "Komi-san is communicative." In this work, characters with various personalities, including Mr. Furumi, are attractive and full of love. This time, I will be involved in two ED theme songs, and in the first episode, I made a special song called "Sympathy" as the ending song. It expresses the exciting moments when you meet new friends and people you care about, and the desire to get along with someone. At school, there are many situations where the environment changes, such as changing classes and seats, but I imagined lyrics and songs that would allow you to enjoy even the tension at that time. From the first episode, I think it's a song that you can expect to see who and how Mr. Furumi will become friends. Also, as the ED theme song, the song "Hikareinochi" will be aired from the second episode. In the original manga, the shortcomings for me are seen as strengths for people, and I think that someone who looks perfect may be living facing forward while suffering like myself ..... .. Everyone has different faces and personalities, but I strongly felt that each one has something that shines. "Hikareinochi" is a song created with the hope that the lives of the characters and listeners will shine. As a viewer, I'm really looking forward to the release of the anime!

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