Saiyuuki RELOAD ZEROIN Anime Trailer Released, Scheduled for January 2022

Saiyuuki RELOAD -ZERO IN Anime Trailer Released, Scheduled for January 2022

The PV of the TV anime "Saiyuki RELOAD -ZERO IN-" based on Kazuya Minekura has arrived. It was also announced that the second main cast and the broadcast time will be January 2022.

Koichi Tochika will play the role of Bishop Hazel-Growth, who came from the west and is the most important person in "Even a worm" . Rikiya Koyama plays the role of Gato-Nenehawk, who is acting with Hazel . In addition, Yoshitada Otsuka is in charge of the roles of Sanzou Houshi, who possesses "Mutenkyobun," and who is also a scientist on the side of Bull Demon King . It is a collection of familiar casts.

It has also been decided that the DVD of the second recitation drama "Saiyuki Recitation Drama ~ Nothing to give ~", which was performed today on August 29, will be released. If you make a reservation at the online shop Kazuya Minekura .NET by November 30, an A3 poster will be included as a pre-order privilege. The live distribution service Streaming + is delivering the night part of "Saiyuki Recitation Drama ~ Nothing to give ~" for a limited time from today to September 4th.

"Saiyuki RELOAD -ZERO IN-" is based on "Even a worm" of the fantasy road movie manga "Saiyuki" series with the motif of "Saiyuki". Previous work falls animation "Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST" followed by Xuanzang auditors Toshihiko Seki , the Monkey King role Soichiro Hoshi , a sha wujing role Hiroaki Hirata , a wild boar eight戒役Akira Ishida serve is.


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