The First Trailer of the "Shinka no Mi: Evolution" Anime Unveiled New Cast and October Release

An additional cast of the TV anime "Shinka no Mi: Evolution" will be announced. At the same time, the first key visual and trailer were also released

Shinka no Mi: Evolution

In the additional cast, Marina Inoue will play the role of Altria Grem, a beautiful A-class adventurer with the nickname of "disaster," and Toru Inada will play the role of Gustle Clute, the guild master of the adventurer's guild in the royal capital Terber . Yuka Nishio is decided to play the role of Ellis McRene, who has a face as a SM girl in addition to the receptionist of the adventurer's guild . Comments also arrived from the three people announced this time, Hiro Shimono as Seiichi Hiiragi, and Kana Hanazawa as Sarria .

In the key visual, Seiichi and Sarria before and after evolution are drawn back to back, making it a piece that you can feel the change of the two. In the PV, Seiichi, who was a dull high school student, reincarnated by chance, and the story of evolution that unfolds after the reincarnation is magnificently drawn.

In addition, the opening theme will be Yoshino Nanjo "EVOLUTiON:" and the ending theme will be Poppin'Party "Moonlight Walk". Nanjo said, "It's a very cool song, it's a song that gives you the energy to" evolve "with the lyrics," and Rimi Nishimoto of Poppin'Party said, "Enjoy the new rock tune of popipa that has evolved!" I brought it.

"The Fruit of Evolution-The Life of a Winner Without Knowing-" is a fantasy that begins when Seiichi, a high school student who was a bullied child, was blown into a different world of swords and magic one day. Seiichi begins his life as a winner because he happens to say "the fruit of evolution" at his reincarnation destination. The anime is scheduled to start broadcasting on TV Tokyo, BS Tele East, AT-X, etc. from October.

Sources: Anime YouTube Channel, Comic Natalie


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