"Ganbare Doukichan" Anime will be Air on ABEMA from September 20th

Anime "Ganbare Doukichan" will be Air on ABEMA from September 20th
Ganbare Doukichan Web Anime

Distribution information for the web animation "Ganbare Doukichan" has been announced. It will be delivered on ABEMA from September 20th.

The original work of "Ganbare DoukiChan" is an illustration / manga series of the same name that Yomu, who is active as an illustrator / manga artist, has announced on his Twitter account. A full-color douujinshi by Yomu's doujin circle, Yomu Bookstore, has also been published. Along with the announcement of the animation distribution information, cast staff information and key visuals were released. Nene Hieda plays the role of Synchronous , Sumire Uesaka plays the role of Junior , Asami Seto plays the role of Senior , and Junya Enoki plays the role of Synchronous . The director is Kazuomi Koga, the series composition is Yoshiko Nakamura, the character design is Yuki Morikawa, and Atelier Pontdarc produces the work. In addition, the key visuals were drawn with Synchro-chan, junior-chan, and senior-san in their own poses.


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