Dolls Frontline Anime's Second Trailer and Key Visual Released

The broadcast and distribution start time of the animation " Dolls Frontline " will be decided in January 2022. At the same time, additional casts and ending themes were announced, and the second key visual and PV were released.

"Dolls Frontline" is based on a training and strategy simulation game where you fight with "tactical dolls" who are anthropomorphic firearms. In the animation, the battle of tactical dolls belonging to the private military company Griffin & Kruger is depicted on the earth after World War III, when the tactical dolls of the munitions company Iron-Blooded Crafts rebelled against humankind. As additional casts, Mikako Komatsu will play the role of Gryffin & Kluger's new commander Jeanciane, Nao Toyama will play the role of Karina, a rear staff member, Hitomi Nabatame will play the role of an agent who is an iron-blooded tactical doll, and Kaya Okuno will play the role of Scarecrow . Aix queue conditioner auditors Shizu Ito , Griffin & Kruger President Kruger role of Akio Otsuka in charge. Higashiyama, Ikutenme, Okuno, and Ito play the same role in the original game.

The ending theme will be "HORIZON" by TEAM SHACHI , a loud pop unit from Nagoya . Comments were received from Komatsu, Higashiyama, and TEAM SHACHI.

And the key visuals are M4A1, M16A1, STAR-15, Gentiane, Carina, and agents, scarecrows, and executioners. The PV begins with the appearance of M4A1 seeking a commander and the scene where Gentiane is assigned. After that, the melody of "HORIZON" flowed out with the line of Jean-Cianne saying "I don't want to let those children die", and each character appeared. In the video, the voices of Gentiane and Carina are unveiled for the first time.


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