Trapped in a Dating Sim Anime Announced with First Trailer and Visual

Trapped in a Dating Sim anime visual
Trapped in a Dating Sim anime visual

Yomu Mishima's novel "Trapped in a Dating Sim (Otomege Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu) " has been decided to be made into a TV animation. It will be broadcast from April 2022.

"Trapped in a Dating Sim" Fantasy to try. The novel has been published up to 9 volumes from CG novels, and up to 6 volumes of comicalized by Jun Shiori have been sold. In the animation, Kazuya Miura and Shinichi Fukumoto are the directors, Kenta Ihara is in charge of the series composition, Masahiko Suzuki is in charge of character design, and ENGI is in charge of animation production. In the game, Takeo Otsuka will play the role of Takeo Otsuka , Kana Ichinose will play the role of Olivia, a female of the common people who was the main character in the game, and Fairouz Ai will play the role of Angelica Rafa Redgrave, the fiancée of the prince who was in the position of a villainous daughter in the game . Comments arrived from each cast.

In addition, the teaser visual and the first PV will be released. Olivia and Angelica are drawn in front of the teaser visual, and Rion is drawn in the back. And the PV shows Rion rebelling against the Crown Prince Julius and others in the unreasonableness of the female princely society. In addition, illustrations celebrating the animation arrived from Meng Da, who works on the original illustration, and Shiori, who works on comicalize.


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